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In 2011, Nick finally finished writing a novel called Roppongi which he had actually started writing back in 1999, after working for two years in the nightlife district of the same name in Tokyo, Japan. Roppongi was launched in February of 2012 in Tokyo, and has been very well received by readers since then, garnering more than eighty 5-Star Amazon reviews  to date. As of early 2017, it is still averaging an incredible 4.7 stars on Amazon! Additionally, 'Roppongi' also won an honourable mention (General Fiction) in the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival. In addition to working on his next novel, Nick also provides cut-rate proofing and editing services for other writers who want to whip their manuscripts into shape. For more information, please visit the Editing page of this website.

"Please Spike My Drink" is Nick's blog (commenced July 2016). Many moons ago, back in about 2004, Nick used to write a column for a Melbourne, Australia street-press publication called “Fresh Underground Culture Magazine ” (otherwise known as FUCM).

The title of the column was “Please Spike My Drink” (PSMD) … which alluded to how sick and tired Nick hoped many people were, with swallowing the kind of lies, banal drivel and doublespeak provided by government or their complicit mainstream-media’s Kool-Aid. PSMD generally covered any topic Nick thought was kind of important or interesting at the time. It ranged widely across geopolitics, the nature (and subversion) of democracy, the “bread & games” distractions of celebrity and modern sporting contests, health and wellness in the context of a poisonous food-supply, the ever-encroaching dangers of political correctness gone mad, and the ongoing subversion and degrading of society generally by those with money and power, etc.

Essentially, the goal of the column was to entertain, but at the same time inform, and moreso, to get the reader to hopefully question whatever assumptions they may have previously taken for granted as a result of their cultural conditioning. It was an irreverent, sometimes satirical, often funny, and always thought-provoking take on the issues of the day.

Anyway, this year (2016), probably because of the sheer ludicrousness playing out in the farcical US election circus, Nick felt more compelled than ever to resurrect PSMD as a blog. Enjoy! :)

Roppongi is Nick's debut novel. Roppongi is an 'adventure-travel-fiction' story, exploring the crazy and often dangerous world which is living and working as a foreigner in the Roppongi nightlife industry of Tokyo, Japan. The novel follows the (mis)adventures of its travel-addicted protagonist Zack, and in that respect is similar thematically to Alex Garland's The Beach or Gregory David Roberts' Shantaram.

Accordingly, the reader is viscerally transported into the surreal realms of Roppongi, as Zack attempts to come to terms with a series of life-changing events unfolding at rapid pace. In the process, the novel punches through the impossibly glamorous surface of Roppongi and plunges the reader deep into its seedy underbelly ... showing a disturbing side of Japan not often written about in the English language.

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