Nick Vasey was born in the year of the Earth Monkey (1968), raised in various parts of Australia, and completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree in accounting, marketing and law in 1989 at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. Thereafter, one year of working in a multinational accounting practice was all it took to convince him to quit the typical career-path, and go travelling instead. Wise choice!

Since then Nick has had a variety of adventures in around fifty countries around the world. It would be safe to say that travelling itself became his primary life-passion. These experiences have confirmed in Nick a profoundly anarchic streak, and repeatedly proven to him that governments rarely have their citizens' best interests at heart, and by default, should therefore be regarded with extreme scepticism.

Out of curiosity, in 2004 Nick briefly returned to Australia and plugged back into the 'Matrix' for a while, but found he still had no use for it. Dumbfounded and disappointed by people's mindless pursuit of material wealth, AFL Football and reality-TV, in 2008 he quit the first-world altogether, for a more tranquil and meaningful life in the Southern-Sierran township of Vilcabamba, Ecuador.

Professional Life - Once In Vilcabamba, in late 2008 Nick founded the Vilcabamba Real Estate Company , an ethical, professional, fee-transparent, and user-friendly real-estate company, primarily dedicated to helping other downshifters find and develop their own piece of paradise in the Andes mountains of Vilcabamba. As the only licensed realtor in the region, VREC turned a blow-torch onto what had been until then, a 'Wild-West' of rogue-operators and scammers. In 2016, he and his longtime VREC business-partner Santiago Rodriguez (along with Santiago's grandfather Roberto), launched their new project, producing state-of-the-art prefabricated modular housing. Check all the details at the CasaLista website.
Writing Life - In 2011, Nick finally finished writing a novel called '
Roppongi ' which he had actually started writing in 1999, after working for two years in the nightlife district of the same name in Tokyo, Japan. 'Roppongi' was launched in February of 2012 in Tokyo, and has been very well received by readers since then, garnering more than eighty 5-Star Amazon reviews to date. (As of early 2017, 'Roppongi' is still averaging an incredible 4.7 stars!) Additionally, shortly after the book-launch, 'Roppongi' received an honourable mention (General Fiction) in the 2012 Hollywood Book Festival!  Nick likes to keep his hand in by providing cut-rate proofing and editing services for other writers who want to whip their manuscripts into shape. For more information, please click on Services page of this website.

Global Outlook - In recent years Nick has watched with mounting dismay and concern the unsustainable, ecocidal and generally corrupt directions in which the world is moving. At the root of pretty much all these problems is the love and pursuit of money, regardless of consequence. All our (mainstream) societies' systems venerate this false god, and greed is actually celebrated as a virtue. It was Gandhi who said, 'The Earth has enough for every man's need, but not enough for every man's greed.' Small wonder then, that humanity collectively finds itself in the sort of trouble it is in. Just a few examples below, in no particular order of importance ...

>>> Democracy: The concept of democracy has been almost entirely subverted via the application of money by corporate and other vested interests. It is impossible to call the USA, or any country that allows money to significantly infiltrate the political process, a democracy. Until money is completely removed from the political process, genuine democracy is an impossibility.
>>> Massive Wealth Disparity: Corporate speculators, hugely wealthy hedge-funds, and trans-national corporations exercising monopolistic or oligopolistic powers have destroyed anything resembling free and fair markets globally. As a result of prices being manipulated for profit, poverty-stricken people in developing countries starve to death. By any measure except those of a psychopath, this is immoral, inhuman, and unacceptable.

>>> Climate Change: Climate-Change - a demonstrable fact caused by human behaviour - is ignored because the perceived solutions are politically unpalatable, and damage corporate interests. Conversely, the hugely profitable oil, coal and gas industries which serve corporate interests, are not only subsidised by taxpayer money, they are worsening the atmospheric CO2 problem and thereby condemning humanity to a (not so slow) baking. Accordingly and unsurprisingly, temperatures and severe weather events are increasing, species diversity is decreasing, eco-systems are dying, and our own species' very survival on this planet is threatened.

>>> Increasing Police State & Global State Terrorism: The President of the USA has decided to indefinitely detain anyone he wants to, without charge, and is routinely murdering anyone he wants to (including his own citizens) in distant countries, with remote-controlled robots. Needless to say there is no oversight, no accountability, and no recourse for any of the victims, their families, or any of the other thousands of people living in fear of death arriving silently and suddenly from the sky ... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
>>> Unpayable Debt / Fiat Currencies: Governments run up unpayable debts and print ever-more fiat currency as the 'solution' to averting financial disaster. This act of 'creating currency' cannot happen without simultaneously creating more debt (which itself can never be repaid). Our global financial system is fundamentally built on a Ponzi Scheme driven by creating money out of thin air, then compounding that problem via the process of fractional lending. Like all Ponzi schemes, collapse of this system is inevitable.  When that happens, it is of course, the ordinary, largely blameless, and certainly clueless citizens who will suffer the most.

>>> Banking & Finance: Banks and their white-collar criminals get bailed out with taxpayers' funds, while those same taxpayers have their properties repossessed, are bankrupted, and then made homeless. This is not a free-market with consequences for bad and/or criminal business decisions - it is a form of socialised capitalism, where if you're a large bank and you win, you win ... but if you lose, the taxpayers pick up the tab. This is a denial of the fundamental principle those same capitalists insist make the marketplace efficient - that bad businesses should be allowed to go under. 'Mistakes' and/or criminal behaviour should have the appropriate consequences, and this is currently not the case - on the contrary, malfeasance and idiocy have been rewarded.

>>> Shoot the Messenger: Whistleblowers such as Bradley Manning and Edward Snowden, and journalists like Julian Assange, who uncover and expose massive war-crimes, are illegally imprisoned/tortured and persecuted respectively, seemingly without a whimper of protest from the mainstream population and compromised corporate media which pander to the government line. Wikileaks has done a better job of breaking huge stories in just three years, than the rest of the world's press combined, has done in the last thirty! That fact alone should terrify you. It is certainly terrifying the Powers That Be, who will seemingly stop at nothing to muzzle and silence any credible media source which is not part of the (bought and paid for) mainstream media 'establishment.'

>>> Criminalising of Dissent Generally: As we saw with the swift, coordinated and illegally violent suppression of the Occupy movement, the Powers That Be have very little time for entertaining the notion of any group seriously challenging the status-quo. That system's public servants are now little more than servants of the corporatocracy, and as such are employed to protect State and Corporate interests. This has of course resulted from the subversion of the very democratic systems which are supposed to guarantee freedom of speech, freedom of assembly and the like. For example, in the USA this process has been accelerated by the implementation of the NDAA and suspension of Habeas Corpus. It was Mussolini who famously defined fascism as effectively 'the merger of corporate and state power.' Any objective observer of the USA would have to agree that is the picture we're looking at.

>>> Cyber Crackdown - Brave New World: The internet is seemingly the last frontier of freedom of thought and expression, and the Powers That Be are also coming for that, via persecuting cyber-activists such as Wikileaks & Anonymous, and instigating a global surveillance operation whereby everybody's personal data is intercepted and stored at facilities such as this one in Utah. This information will then be dug out, filtered, and used against you whenever you decide to 'step out of line.' Cryptography, and projects like Tor, are the only things which can protect our privacy moving forward.
It is clear from the above that there is an awful lot wrong with the world at the moment. Plainly, if enough clear-thinking and motivated people do not mobilise to stop the psychopaths and criminals who are running this rigged and ultimately suicidal game against humanity, the consequences will be truly grim. This is why Nick is an activist. This is why Nick will continue to do his best to educate others and spread the truth as far and wide as possible. Activism is an undertaking not without risk ... for as George Orwell observed, 'In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.' Voltaire further observed, 'It is dangerous to be right, when the government is wrong.'

Requiring something of a buffer against this first-world-driven insanity, Nick and his menagerie of animals now live simply in their Vilcabamba mountain-top sanctuary, 'Motu-Iti'. Currently, Nick is very likely wondering how best to manifest positive change both locally and internationally, as well as thinking about writing his second novel. If you would like to contact Nick, please visit the Contact page of this website.

Nick Vasey - Overview & Personal Statement