Ecuador - July/August - 2021
Mandatory Covid Vax & Vax-Passport Defeated!

In July and August of 2021, Nick spearheaded a legal fight in Loja province against the emergency branch of Ecuadorian government (COE Loja) ... which tried to steamroller through a mandatory Covid vax-passport & accordingly, create an apartheid system of second-class citizenry which would then be heavily discriminated against (and thereby illegally coerced to get an untested experimental "gene-therapy" injection). Fortunately, the Loja Ombudsman agreed with the Constitutional and Human-Rights legal challenges presented ... and slapped down the dystopian COE Loja edict quick-smart. This victory immediately saved hundreds of thousands of people from the "Papers Please!" Nazi-esque nightmare which would have otherwise been enacted on August 9th 2021. This result, and the  precedent of this victory subsequently reflected out into the other Ecuadorian provinces and to the national level ... inspiring and empowering other human rights groups both in Ecuador and elsewhere in the world.