When I first put this page together, the term "Woke" meant one thing, and since then it has apparently been hijacked by radical Leftist "social justice warriors" (yes, the Identity Politics mob) ... and bastardised almost beyond recognition. Whereas it used to mean cutting through the narrative of government bullshit and media propaganda to get as close to the truth as possible ... perversely, it now more often means you will almost certainly be being propagandised if you're listening to any of those "Woke 2.0" individuals or organisations. I decided not to capitulate by changing the title of this page ... I'm going to keep "Woke 1.0" ... and let this parable provide a salutary example of what can happen to language and meaning ... if misguided ideologies are permitted to run amok. When it comes to the kind of heinous shit going down these days, people have a choice. They can either take society's blue pill, pretend everything's okay, and just go 'back to sleep' in the standard program. Or they can take the red pill, plunge down the rabbit-holes of their choice, and let the good fight take them where it may. As you might have guessed by now, I have a fondness for the red-pill (as should everyone really!). In respect of the many issues I find troubling today, listed below are some leading lights who write and speak well about those issues. In the current profoundly troubling planetary paradigm in which we all live, these people and/or organisations are, for want of a better description, my activism or critical-thinking heroes. Perhaps, if you've read this far, you'll take the time to check out what they're saying and doing ... and if it resonates with you, share it far and wide. It should probably be noted that just because someone is included here, does NOT mean I necessarily agree 100% with everything they say, merely that they are, on balance, certainly worth checking out (and generally seem to be operating in the interests of humanity, justice, and truth). Obviously, where some people see cutting-edge activism and intellect, others see limited-hangouts and co-opted narratives. So, go make up your own mind! Just click on the images below to discover more. Enjoy! 🙂

Rick Simpson

Vernon Coleman

Judy Mikovits

Patrick Wood

Mikki Willis

Suzanne Venker

JP Sears

Eric Weinstein

Bill Burr

Amazing Polly

Quite Frankly

Julia Hartley Brewer

Paul Weston

Tristan Harris

Daniel Schmachtenberger

Laurence Fox

Andrew Doyle

Vasko Kohlmayer

Helen Pluckrose

James Lindsay

Peter Boghossian

Debra Soh

Camille Paglia

Jacques Ellul

Julian Assange


Edward Snowden

Paul Joseph Watson

Michael Ruppert

Terence McKenna

Jordan Peterson

Caitlin Johnstone

John Perkins


Vanessa Beeley

William Cooper

Jonathan Haidt

Douglas Murray

John Kiriakou

Ghion Journal

John Laurits

Dave Rubin

Consortium News

Miko Peled

Bret Weinstein

Dahlia Wasfi

James Corbett

Mark Passio

Mises Institute

Barrett Brown

H L Mencken

G Edward Griffin

The Venus Project

Bill Hicks

Dmitry Orlov

Hunter S Thompson

Ray McGovern

John Ralston Saul

MintPress News

Gad Saad

Gloria Alvarez

Suzie Dawson

Max Blumenthal

Noam Chomsky

Naomi Wolf

Glenn Greenwald

Bruce Levine

Frank Zappa

The Meatrix

Eduardo Galeano

John Taylor Gatto

Jon Rappoport

Jimmy Dore

Abby Martin

Cassie Jaye

Martin Armstrong

Christopher Hitchens

William Binney

21st Century Wire

Teodrose Fikre

Joel Salatin

Kim Dotcom

Norman Finkelstein

David Thrussell

Storm Clouds Gathering

Oliver Stone

George Carlin

Stefan Molyneux

Positive Money

Max Igan

Henry Giroux

Sargon of Akkad

Robert Parry

Aaron Maté

Ben Swann

Joe Rogan

Howard Zinn

Mark Twain

Disobedient Media

Global Research

Thomas Sowell

Greanville Post

Craig Murray

Brendan O'Neill

Larken Rose

Arundhati Roy

Dan Dicks

Radley Balko

Graham Hancock

Jeremy Hammond

Albert Camus

Peter Joseph

Lee Camp

Eva Bartlett

Gabor Maté

Christina Hoff Sommers

Steven Pinker

Thomas Drake

Robert Anton Wilson

Debbie Lusignan

Tim Noakes


Leopold Kohr

Folks who were here at one point, who've since been deleted/removed.

Sibel Edmonds - for being generally insane, and for unverifiable smears, misinformation, and attempted takedowns of others in the truth business.

If there is someone else you think should be on this page, please let me know ... who and why?