Nick was born in the year of the Earth Monkey (1968), and is an ENTJ personality type. He was raised in various parts of Australia, and completed a Bachelor of Commerce degree in accounting, marketing and law in 1989 at Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia. Thereafter, one year of working in a multinational accounting practice was all it took to convince him to quit the typical career-path, and go travelling instead. Good choice! 🙂

Since then Nick has had a variety of adventures in about fifty countries around the world. It would be safe to say that travelling itself became his primary life-passion ... in fact, he was recently interviewed on the "Travel-Talks" series of podcasts on all things life, travel and Vilcabamba! More recently still, he did a couple of real-estate-specific interviews with Joe Schram, of JoLi Farms.

These multifarious experiences confirmed in Nick a profoundly anarchic streak, and repeatedly proved to him that governments very rarely have their citizens' best interests at heart. Government (and authority structures generally), should therefore by default, always be regarded with extreme scepticism.

Out of curiosity, in 2004 Nick briefly returned to Australia and plugged back into the 'Matrix' for a while, but found he still had no use for it. Dumbfounded and disappointed by people's mindless pursuit of material wealth, AFL Football and reality-TV, in 2008 he quit the "first-world" altogether, for a more tranquil and meaningful life in the Southern-Sierran township of Vilcabamba, Ecuador.