The Motu-Iti Guesthouse - Now Renting - Medium to Long-Term Tenants - $650/month (all-inclusive).

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We arrived in Vilcabamba in 2008, and named our personal sanctuary "Motu-Iti" ... which in the Polynesian-derived Maori language of New Zealand, means "Little Island."

This is certainly how we regard our sacred space here ... literally, as an island to which we retreat to enjoy the peace, tranquillity and raw natural beauty of this old-growth Ecuadorian mountain-side.

Appropriate keywords for this property include - Established. Secluded. Secure. Tranquil. Vibrant. Abundant Nature. Old-Growth. Winter-Creek. Orange-Grove. Peace & Quiet. Birdlife. Wildlife. Lovely Views. Healthful. Rejuvenative.

Tucked away in a secluded, small, and private community-space only ten minutes drive from Vilcabamba centre, is the fully-furnished guesthouse that we and our very cool construction-crew built! It is a brand-new residence of polished hardwood floors and very modern design.

Once on our property, you cannot even see a road. You will not hear traffic. You will not suffer dust or noise or any other irksome thing which quite often tend to intrude on less advantageously-placed residences. In short, once you are here, nothing is going to bother you. We should add here, that for those without a car, it is only a ten minute (flat-ground) walk from the highway, where you would meet/leave your bus or taxi (which from that point can take you in either direction ... to Vilcabamba, or to Malacatos/Loja). If however you are at all frail or infirm (and do not intend to either have a car or consistently use taxis), this is probably not the rental for you.

We are looking for - a maximum of two people (can be a couple, or not) - responsible, considerate, quiet, sensible, intelligent, and both understanding and appreciative of the uniquely beautiful sanctuary they will be living in.

Our rental-home comprises two bedrooms (both with double beds) together with a shared bathroom (which in addition to the shower, also has a stunning Japanese-style "Ofuro" deep-tub ... see pictures for detail).

As you will quickly realise from the photos, this is a very special and inspiring residence indeed. It was designed and built with Zen-like simplicity, lack of clutter, and the best possible use of space and light in mind from the outset. Essentially our brief to ourselves whilst designing/building was: light, space, beauty, comfort, flow, and freedom.

The kitchen, living and relaxing areas are open-plan, and form the front half of the home. 4.2 metre ceilings meet the front wall, which itself has 3 massive plate-glass windows each of which cast an abundance of natural light throughout the home. The home is naturally aerated, and generally, one does not need to open windows (although if more breeze is required, feel free to open the screen protected windows!).

Additionally, the pitch and extent of the (one-directional) roof was carefully considered during the design-phase, such that enough light comes in all day, without the amenity ever suffering as a result of too much direct sunlight.

Surrounded as it is by old-growth trees, abundant nature, a winter-creek and common areas within a seven hectare property ... it is difficult to imagine a more tranquil, private and beautiful place to pass the time. A more perfect writer's residence (for example) is difficult to imagine.

For the tenants' peace of mind, our own home is only a stone's throw away, so in the event of any issues which need resolving, please just let us know. Otherwise, by way of respecting your privacy, we will leave you completely in peace. 

The rental price of $650/month includes everything (see conditions below). And when we say "everything" ... we mean everything.
1. water,
2. power,
3. gas (cylinders of LPG),
4. wireless internet,
5. private washing machine & clothes-line,
6. secure undercover parking for one vehicle,
7. additional secure storage space, should you need it,
8. and even garbage removal!

In Vilcabamba, so many rental properties trip up on the all-important details. With a decade's experience in the Vilcabamba real-estate business, Nick has seen it all up close and personal ... and a lot of it has not been pretty!

Consequently, it is our intention to make this a seamless and fabulous rental experience for whomever our new tenants and neighbours turn out to be. As detailed via the above all-inclusive pricing, we do not intend to overlook anything.

Accordingly ... the new tenants do not have to worry about any of these things. We just want you to turn the key, relax, and truly enjoy living in your new sanctuary-space.

To ensure we find the right tenants, please review the important information and conditions below.

All Inclusive (Further Info) - The all-inclusive rental price of $650 per month has an estimated $120 per month of extras incorporated into this price ($40 internet, $30 power, $10 water, $35 house-keeping and $5 gas). So effectively, the real rental price for this property is $530/month. Should the power, water or gas use significantly exceed these estimations, the difference will be charged for.

Tenancy Duration - Preferably, we are looking for tenants for between three to six months or longer. But we will accept the right tenant for a minimum of two months. We are more than happy to negotiate a discounted rate for long-term tenants.

Internet - The Wi-Fi internet is offered on the basis of no using torrents or heavy downloading. Nick relies on the internet for his work, and the connection is good. Should the tenants wish to use torrent sites or engage in heavy downloading, they will need to cover the cost of their very own internet installation, as Nick cannot afford to have his connection significantly compromised.

Linen/Towels - are not supplied. As these are extremely personal items, we expect tenants to purchase or bring their own ... and take them with them when they leave.

No Children

No Pets - No pets whatsoever. This is not because we don't like animals ... quite the contrary! We have  cats, and peacocks roaming about the place, and our nearest neighbour has dogs. These animals are all co-existing well, and do not need new challenges! 

Rental Contract - A formal rental contract will be supplied in both English and Spanish - both will need to be signed by the new tenant/s.
Bond/Security Deposit - $500 is payable up-front as a security deposit.