These are my most powerful ideas for finding a balance between "the Matrix" (systems of power, greed, and control) ... and the spiritual path all of us must locate and follow if we are to truly realise our potential.

1. Travel as much as you can.

Not as a tourist, but as a traveler (but if tourism is all you can do, it is better than nothing at all). Take yourself to places outside your comfort zone – you will always be surprised at what these experiences have to teach you, and they will always be the most memorable. “A tourist doesn’t know where he’s been, whereas a traveler doesn’t know where he’s going.” (Paul Theroux).

2. Discover what you are most passionate about ... then follow where it leads, regardless.

If you are living your passion, you will always find your way. And you will be happy, to boot!

3. Follow your dreams in the face of opposition ... because there will be opposition!

Realise that most of your friends (and even family) will try to stop you from following your dreams (particularly when "your dreams" vary greatly from "their dreams!"). This is normal. Ignore them completely and do what you've set your mind to anyway. Mostly, they are just afraid that you will show strength, while they will not, and that you will succeed, which (sadly) will make them feel smaller. Therefore, they would rather you didn’t even try. They will never admit this to you, but it is the brutal truth. So, act accordingly!

4. Experiment with psychedelic substances (illegal or otherwise), intelligently, and purposefully.

There are reasons governments around the world have made various drugs illegal, (and none of them are the reasons you’ve been told). Educate yourself. Find like-minded, balanced, and experienced people who you can rely on to help you with these journeys and with your evolution on this path.

Remember that there have existed many ancient cultures on this planet, and that almost without exception, they have for thousands of years used a variety of entheogenic substances as sacraments, to increase their wisdom and understanding ... of each other, of nature, and of their place on this planet.

You don’t have to necessarily trust in me, but I think you can trust in their ancient wisdom (at least enough to check it out and make up your own mind!). You will be glad you did, and your overall awakening will proceed more rapidly.

5. Sell or give away your TV.

Use the time more productively, whether it is reading, keeping fit, community groups, or whatever rocks your boat.

The longer you are without TV, the more alive you will feel, and the more awake you will become. And only then, will you realise what an addiction TV was, and the degree to which people are unknowingly in thrall to it, and programmed by it. It is called "TV Programming" for a reason.

6. Routine is the killer of joy and adventure.

Challenge synchronicity to deliver interesting new things and people to you, by deliberately breaking your routine. Go to events you normally never would do. Regularly change the cafe you frequent. Get involved in community-groups which sound interesting. Volunteer for a non-profit, NGO or aid-organisation. Go wherever this "randomness" takes you!

7. Become and remain healthy.

Your body is the vehicle which gets you through this journey called life. It is an incredible fucking thing. So treat it with some respect! Eat healthy foods. Exercise. Stay fit. Eat less meat, or none at all. Explore fasting and colonics ... a good place to start is the detox information you will receive at The Spa Resorts. You literally are what you eat, and your mind and spirit cannot operate at or reach its potential if your body is sick and dysfunctional.

8. You are going to die soon. Act like it!

Live your life with the full understanding that you are going to die soon ... perhaps sooner than you think. Make a “bucket-list,” and start getting those things done! “The tragedy is not that people die ... but that they die having never really lived.

9. Act with integrity.

This is an extension of “mindfulness” and “right action,” by which you may walk a righteous and fearless path. In my opinion, integrity is one of the most overlooked aspects of the way life is lived in this day and age. In this world there are “Sayers” and “Doers.” Be a Doer. Surround yourself with Doers. Say what you are going to do, and then make it happen. By following this protocol, more likely than not you will become a leader by default, simply by virtue of the fact that most other people are too scared to actually do the things they dream of doing. They might talk about them all day long. What matters is doing them. Be a Doer!

10. Be kind.

For everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle. (Plato).