"Coming Ready or Not" is a short story I wrote back in 2007 ... about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

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"Strengthening Our Democracies" is a short essay I wrote back in about 2005, when I knew one hell of a lot less than I know now. Back then I still had some hope (however slim!) that change might be possible from within our current systems. Now I have less than zero belief that is in any way a possibility. Total collapse ... is the only way humanity gets to Version 2.0 (or whatever it'll be). And that transition (should we even make it) ... is not going to be pretty. Click on the image at left for more uplifting and inspiring content!

A while back I was asked to contribute to a website which was looking for some simple principles for people trying to find the balance between the professional demands of modern-day life ... and our equally important spiritual nourishment ... as our consciousness continues to evolve during our human journey. So I distilled a handy "Top Ten Tips" for the article. Click on the image at left. Enjoy!